Hey, they liked my song!

OK, when you have your own web site and you put your own recordings up for the world to hear you clearly aren’t shy. So here it is. One of my songs – “Open Mic Night” got an Honorable Mention in the “Other Category” for the Austin Songwriters Group annual contest. Two others – “Fool’s Paradise” and “Leona” were finalists in the “Bare Bones” and “Singer Songwriter” categories. I was in Austin on Wednesday night for the awards ceremony, which featured a lot of the winners. I’d like to say that might were just as good as the best, but unfortunately they weren’t. Which just means keep writing.

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    You can reach me through the contact form below, but it's no secret how to find me. Email me at rhunt@hunthuey.com or call me at 214-641-9182. I'd love to play my songs at your establishment.

    Really, not much news. I play a few songs at Guitars & Growlers in Richardson Texas on most Wednesday nights. Come by and hear a bunch of talented performers plus me sing.

    My CD - The Reason that I Sing. - Is available on CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the rest. Check out a few of the tunes at the left.

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