God Must Be Busy – So Maudlin, but so good

I was thinking today about the Brooks & Dunn hit “God Must Be Busy” and thought taking a long look at it would be interesting. It’s affecting, but why? Continue reading ‘God Must Be Busy – So Maudlin, but so good’

Texas Trilogy – a song like a movie

Steve Fromholz’ great song Texas Trilogy perfectly illustrates how a song can capture a moment in time without sitting still. Songwriting books and seminars always talk about the telling detail and the pictures that make a song come alive, but every songwriter knows that somewhere along the line you need some context. A bunch of objects in an unknown place don’t add up to much. I think Texas Trilogy shows how a genius creates context and gives us details using a cinematic technique.┬áLike a movie camera, the song moves from wide shots to closeups and back so that we never just sit and look, but move around the small town the song is about. Here’s how. Continue reading ‘Texas Trilogy – a song like a movie’

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